40 dating Allerød

Let us not wait for the uniformitarians to agree, and let us not waste time trying to convince them.

While we are born on a planet spinning and spiraling through a wildly dynamic universe, the uniformitarians try to impose upon us a static worldview. _________, 1990: Interdisciplinary aspects of research on impacts and mass extinctions: a personal view.

Meanwhile, a charcoal-rich layer dating from the Alleröd was also found in India, and recently (not yet published) from the Late Pleistocene in South Africa and in Australia.

Worldwide charcoal horizons seem to be not very common.

Therefore, we carried out a detailed high-resolution multi-proxy case study on the partly laminated sediments from the Trzechowskie palaeolake, located in the Pomeranian Lakeland, northern Poland (53°52'40"N, 18°12'93"E).In 1980 was published the discovery of an iridium anomaly on the K-T boundary, and in 1991 the discovery of a huge impact crater of the same age, at Chicxulub on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula. Friedrich M et al., 1999: Paleo-environment and radiocarbon calibration as derived from Late Glacial/ Early Holocene tree-ring chronologies. seriöse partnersuche Koblenz In between those two dates, in 1985, it was found that that same iridium-rich boundary-layer contained an abundance of charcoal and soot, all over the world: the impact caused a wave of superheated air to roll around the earth, and the forests were incinerated, worldwide. The Dutch geologists, a fraternity of dogmatic uniformitarians, felt uncomfortable and tried to hide the discovery. While Hijszeler published his results during the 1950’s, an excavation for a cartunnel was made at Velsen, west of Amsterdam, and the exposed Upper Pleistocene and Holocene section was studied by a interdisciplinary team of sedimentologists, palynologists, archaeologists.

40 dating Allerød

The German geologists did pick up Hijszeler’s discovery. They found that the charcoal-rich layer was synchronous with the huge and unique explosion of the Laacher See volcano, the ashes of which have been found from southern Sweden to northern Italy, and they imputed the gigantic forest fire which, as Hijszeler had found, raged at least from Ostende to Hamburg, to that volcanic eruption. Björck and 10 others, 1996: Synchronized terrestrial-atmospheric deglacial records around the north Atlantic. Broecker W, Ewing H, Heezen B, 1960: Evidence for an abrupt change in climate close to 11.000 y. This study is a contribution to the Virtual Institute ICLEA (Integrated Climate and Landscape Evolution Analysis) funded by the Helmholtz Association. 40 dating Allerød-30 The research was supported by the National Science Centre Poland (grants No. Framework of our investigation is a period covering 367 varve years of the late Allerød and the beginning of the Younger Dryas period where varve preservation gradually ceases.

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The pronounced changes at the late Allerød - Younger Dryas transition is well-reflected in all environmental indicators but with conspicuous leads and lags reflecting complex responses of lake ecosystems to climate variation.

From the people who knew, or knew about the existence of the Usselo horizon in northwestern Europe, only very few, perhaps two or three, heard about its discovery in White Russia, and a few others, perhaps three or four, about the discovery in Egypt, attributed to the Alleroed by radiocarbon dating, backed up by palynological, paleontological and archaeological data.

None of them seems to have thought of the possibility that the fires in northwestern Europe, White Russia and Egypt could have started on the same day.

We are in the middle of a major crisis in the biosphere, which started about 13.000 years ago, possibly by a cometary impact.

Quite possibly it is the extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna – mostly herbivores but also their predators – which has opened an ecological niche for one predator that survived – humankind.


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