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In 1736 the Danish Lawyer degree was established at the University of Copenhagen, a degree which continued to be granted for 200 years, and for which Holberg's writings remained common reading material throughout this time.Holberg was formally appointed assistant professor after having first worked as one without pay.Ludvig Holberg, Baron of Holberg (3 December 1684 – 28 January 1754) was a writer, essayist, philosopher, historian and playwright born in Bergen, Norway, during the time of the Dano-Norwegian double monarchy.He was influenced by Humanism, the Enlightenment and the Baroque.

In Paris, Holberg met the Danish scientist Jacob Winsløw, who was Catholic. Holberg enjoyed the debate, but it started a rumor in Copenhagen that Holberg had converted to Catholicism as Winsløw had, and as a consequence he felt it necessary to deny this to the Danish public, giving voice to anti-Catholic views on several occasions.He received further support from a grant to travel to other universities in other countries, namely Protestant universities, but this was a condition he did not respect, for he searched out those places where the discussion were the loudest and the experiences were the largest. partnersuche kostenlos test Aachen During his stay in England, Holberg set his eyes on academic authoring and on his return, he started writing about history.These comedies are the works on which his fame rests today, and they were an immediate and immense success.However the poverty caused by the Copenhagen Fire of 1728, brought a wave of depression and puritanism upon the nation, which clashed with Holberg's satirical works, and as a consequence he gave up his comedies switching to philosophical and historical writings in 1731.

Bedste danske dating sider Sorø

Holberg's travels were a main inspiration in his later writings – these experiences matured him both artistically and morally.Holberg let himself be inspired by old Latin comedies and newer French comedies he had seen in Paris, and street theaters in Rome.Finally, he was given a professorship in the subject which he prized most and was most productive in, history. In his adolescence, he visited large cities in countries such as The Netherlands and France, and lived for a short period of time in Rome; and for a longer period of time in Oxford, England (1706–1708), which was rare during that time as intellectual life was centered in continental Europe. bedste danske dating sider Sorø-66bedste danske dating sider Sorø-87bedste danske dating sider Sorø-53 He was not formally admitted to Oxford University, but spent his time there using the libraries and participating in Latin discussions with the English students.Holberg believed in people's inner divine light of reason, and to him it was important that the first goal of education was to teach students to use their senses and intellect, instead of uselessly memorising school books.

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This was a new, modern understanding of the question of religion, and it shows he was a man of the Age of Enlightenment.

Holberg's concept for science was that it should be inductive (through experience built on observations) and practical to use.

One example is his Betænkning over den nu regierende Qvæg-Syge (Memorandum on the prevalent cattle disease), (1745) where he reasons that the disease is caused by microorganisms.

He had to accept the first available position, which was teaching metaphysics.

Later, he became a professor and taught rhetoric and Latin.


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