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In the spacious Residenzplatz in Würzburg is the Residenz, the splendid palace of the Prince-Bishops and one of the finest secular Baroque buildings in Germany.

), a lovely 11th-century edifice notable for its beautifully restored interior.Würzburg's Old Main Bridge, the Alte Mainbrücke, is a magnificent structure lined with Baroque statues of saints.It leads from the old city to the districts on the left bank of the River Main.Under the dome are a figure of the Virgin and a crucifix, both by Riemenschneider, and in the west crypt is the sarcophagus of the Irish monk St.Kilian, the apostle of the Franks, who was murdered here in 689 AD along with his companions.

Beste dating website Würzburg

Burkard, and the Burkarder Tor, a wonderful old city gate built in 1680 that marks the entrance to a pedestrian- and bike-only tunnel connecting two old neighborhoods.Upstream from Fortress Marienberg is Kappele Würzburg, a picturesque pilgrimage chapel built by Balthasar Neumann in a Russian Orthodox style between 1747-50.The Hofgarten, in the grounds of the Würzburg Residenz, is a spectacular French-style garden laid out between 17. beste dating website Würzburg-80 Widely considered the best-preserved Rococo garden in Germany, its centerpiece is a large artificial lake with fountains and an elaborate sculpture crowned by Pegasus.High above the banks of the River Main in Würzburg rises the Marienberg Fortress.

Crowned by the massive fort that was once the seat of the Prince-Bishops from the mid 13th century until the construction of the Residenz, the hill was once the location of a Bronze Age hill fort.Highlights include a number of fine bishops' tombs, including those of Rudolf von Scherenberg and Lorenz von Bibra, and the Schönborn Chapel by Bathasar Neumann dating from 1721-36. Kilian, Würzburg Cathedral is Germany's fourth largest Romanesque church, and is home to numerous works of art, including the baptismal font from 1279, a spectacular modern seven-armed candelabra, and a crypt with stained glass.Another iconic church building in Würzburg is the Neumünsterkirche, most notable for its 11th-century Romanesque east end and the Baroque west end, built in 1719.In the former cloister, the Lusamgärtlein, is a memorial stone commemorating Walther von der Vogelweide, Germany's greatest medieval poet, who died in Würzburg in 1230. Mary's Chapel - the Marienkapelle - was built between 1377-1479 and remains the finest Late Gothic building in the city.This picturesque old building is notable for its magnificent doorways, and is also home to the Tomb of Balthasar Neumann, as well as a statue of Konrad von Schaumberg, who died in 1499. Mary's Chapel is the famous Haus zum Falken (House of the Falcon), which boasts the city's finest Rococo facade.


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