Dansk date Nyborg

The performances, the direction, the ingenious, bold and confrontational scripts, the cinematography, the editing, the production values, are all so superb that criticism of them is impossible.

The characters are all played with such force and fervour, such intimacy and conviction, that I fear Danish actors have surpassed the British, who until now were the best in the world.

These become incredibly harrowing and tragic, so that this series continues to deepen and become more profound as it goes along.

dansk date Nyborg

Soren Malling, the police partner of Sophie Grabol in THE KILLING, brilliantly plays the TV-1 News editor.The series also refers to historical people and events in Danish politics before 1982. Wiesloch singles See more » This is a review of Seasons One and Two (20 episodes).The camera-work, with lots of travelling shots following frantic people as they move from one crisis to another like rabbits running from a farmer's gun, is electric.Many desperate political issues are faced head-on with the confrontational insistence which goes way beyond 'in your face' and reaches the level of 'seared into your brain'. Politicians are killed, resign, are annihilated, commit suicide, are humiliated and their reputations obliterated with the rapidity and relentlessness of soldiers in the World War One trenches.

Dansk date Nyborg

He is played with despicable, self-pitying candour by Mikael Birkkjaer.Their teenage daughter, who goes to pieces mentally under the strain, is brilliantly played by the young actress Freja Riemann.As Prime Minister she portrays decency more convincingly than anyone since Gregory Peck.Her horribly narcissistic and loathsome husband, who abandons her out of wounded vanity, is one of the most hateful screen characters in years.The most sensitive and wide-ranging performance is by the young Danish actor Pilou Asbaek, who plays the Prime Minister's 'spin doctor' (yes, the Danes use that English phrase). His range of moods, his expressiveness, his eyes, his face, his changes of voice, go far beyond anything ever imagined by Lee Strasberg, and could be described perhaps as 'hyper-Method'.

Nearly at the same level of perfection as Asbaek are the stunning and brilliant performances of the two female leads, Sidse Knudsen as the Prime Minister and Birgitte Sorensen as Katrine the journalist.

Serien refererer desuden til historiske personer og hændelser i dansk politik før 1982.

= Events and people in BORGEN are fictional - but inspired by reality.

When a body is found on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, right on the border, Danish inspector Martin Rohde and Swedish Saga Norén have to share jurisdiction and work together to find the killer. Where we are following a policeman working on a case, where he is trying to figure out, what is going on inside Energreen. See full summary » Ørnen, an Icelandic inspector in the Danish police force, is named chief constable of a new task force to help solve international crime. See full summary » Although a fan of the show, Denmark's real female Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, claimed "I've made a point of not watching Sidse Babett Knudsen too closely just to make sure I'm not too influenced by her.

If anything, it sometimes feels more as if life is imitating art." See more » Begivenheder og personer i BORGEN er fiktive - men inspireret af virkeligheden.


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