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Astaxanthin is a powerful anti-oxidant that accumulates naturally in krill because krill eat astaxanthin-containing algae that grows in the Antarctic ice.

Sometimes more astaxanthin is added to the supplement as a precaution against oxidation. Research has yet to confirm this, but some scientists speculate that astaxanthin may synergistically enhance the effects of the phospholipid-based omega 3s in krill oil.

It’s hard for consumers to be positively sure that the krill oil contains relatively low levels of phospholipids if it is not spelled out on the label.

datesider Silkeborg

When you do the math, you will see that these phospholipids make up a significant portion of the value in krill oil.Most clinical krill oil studies were done with 1,000 mg to 3,000 mg krill oil dose per day. The recommendation of 300 mg daily dose may be excellent marketing, but is not as solidly grounded in clinical research as a 1,000 mg dose. Dating gronau In one study one sub group showed some benefits from a 300 mg dose. Also, note that there is no mention of astaxanthin content on the label.You can see that the amount of phospholipids listed signifies that this is, indeed, the profile of the original krill oil.Also, compare the amount of omega 3s stated on the above labels.

Datesider Silkeborg

Presently Schiff Mega Red Krill Oil is the largest-selling brand of krill oil.As you see from the label above, the company has chosen to market its product based not on the amount of phospholipids contained, but on the amount of omega 3s (EPA & DHA) in the product.We at Well Wise feel that omega 3 phospholipids are a key ingredient in krill oil as that has been the kind of krill oil that has been clinically studied by Neptune and Aker. datesider Silkeborg-14datesider Silkeborg-75 However, as long as an oil is extracted from krill, it is not against the law to market that product as krill oil, even if such krill oil contains hardly any phospholipid.These brands are often marketed at very low prices.

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Consumers, who believe that all krill oils are the same, could get the impression that they got a steal of a deal by buying one of these low budget products.This was the company that pioneered the krill oil market, and that has, so far, conducted most of the clinical research.Source Naturals also sells NKO krill oil, supplied by Neptune Bioressources, so let’s review that label.Find to the right an example of such an Azantis pure krill oil label.As we've said elsewhere, phospholipid-based omega 3s are what in our opinion define krill oil.


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