Dating dk anmeldelse Nyborg

Birgitte Nyborg, to the disbelief of her cynical spin doctor Kasper Juul, withdraws her centrist Moderate Party from the opposition bloc when Labour leader Michael Laugesen reverses his position on asylum seekers in a gambit for votes.

Birgitte's advisers tell her to give in, but she realizes that Crohne, a fierce Danish patriot, would never carry out his threat of pulling out of Denmark, so she calls his bluff and gets her bill.She comes to believe that Denmark has played a substantial role in the nation's ongoing suffering, and commits to improving their situation in the future.The episode title is a reference to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which was titled Men Who Hate Women in Danish.Kasper convinces her to turn not to Lars Hesselboe but to Yvonne Kjær, leader of the Liberals' coalition partner, the New Right.In the meantime, Katrine Fønsmark discovers she is pregnant with Ole's child.

Dating dk anmeldelse Nyborg

Thinking Höxenhaven a better choice than Laugesen, she gives her consent, but Labour instead chooses Bjørn Marrot as its new leader.Despairing, Birgitte considers accepting Hesselboe's offer, but decides to persevere after a talk with her mentor Bent Sejrø.While removing evidence of Katrine's presence after sending her home, Kasper finds a receipt among Ole's papers showing that Hesselboe made extravagant purchases for his wife in London using his government credit card.When Birgitte refuses to use the receipt, he gives it to Laugesen, who dramatically reveals it during an election debate.Birgitte is stymied in her efforts to obtain this information from either the Americans or her own civil service.

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