Dating dk tilbud Tårnby

You can borrow books, talking books, periodicals, music notes, VCR-tapes, DVDs, CDs, play station games etc. However, there may be exceptions when it comes to much sought-after material.The latest issues of periodicals cannot be borrowed, but they are available for reading at the library.Children up to 13 years (2014): Should you lose or accidentally damage the borrowed material, you will be expected to pay compensation in an amount determined by the library.Borrowers who repeatedly return material in damaged or incomplete condition may be excluded from borrowing.

dating dk tilbud Tårnby

Children under 14 need a parent's or a guardian's signature and are given a special library card.You should also inform the library of any change in e-mail address and / or phone number. You choose your own 4-digit PIN code, which is registered when you show up at the library in person.Once you have a PIN code, you are able to view your account and renew or reserve books from your home computer or from one of the library computers.​Kamager er et botilbud for mennesker, der har fysiske og psykiske funktionsnedsættelser.Everyone with a registered address in Denmark may borrow material regardless of which district they live in. Please note that some services may only be available if you reside in the district.

Dating dk tilbud Tårnby

Adults register through personal contact with the library.Please bring your medical card or other forms of valid identification.Should you forget your PIN code, another will be given to you on your next visit to the library.It is possible to change your PIN code from your own computer by accessing "My data".When the material is ready, you will receive notification from the library in a form previously agreed upon.


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