Dating for par Guldborgsund

Viewed from another angle, this is a sad but ultimately redemptive story about how Worf’s devotion to a culture that keeps shutting him out leads him to a relationship with an actual equal.

dating for par Guldborgsund

Using plotlines from classic drama is a time-worn tradition on television (and in literature and theater and film), and it often yields terrific results; the only drawback is that it can take a bit of character shifting to make everyone fit into the appropriate roles.The war with the Federation has hit the House of Grilka hard, and she needs to pick up extra cash anyway she can. Flirten münchen party But this is an almost entirely irrelevant plot detail, introduced at the beginning to give Grilka a reason for being on the station, and then forgotten.Worf being Worf, he sets about pitching woo in the appropriate Klingon fashion, ie shouting and picking fights and insulting Grilka’s companions.He’s quickly informed that his attentions are not wanted; given the standing of his house, there’s no way Grilka could entertain a proposal from him without severely hurting her own standing in the Empire.

Dating for par Guldborgsund

There’s also the fact that Grilka barely registers.At one point, Dax takes Worf to task for worshipping an ideal, but given how little we see of the real thing, and how much of her on-screen time is spent responding to Quark/Worf’s overtures, it’s hard to see Grilka as anything but.This bums Worf out, and he turns to Dax for comfort, which Dax provides as best she can, all the while politely questioning Worf’s affections for the lady.Which, even if she wasn’t interested in Worf herself, would be a reasonable thing to do.Quark really really wanting to have sex with Grilka makes sense from their last encounter, and Dax basically just hangs out in the background, offering advice and occasional sarcasm. ) But Worf’s infatuation could’ve used a little more justification, given that he’s been so stand-offish and private since arriving on DS9.

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Which isn’t to say the feelings don’t make sense, or that his desire for privacy indicates some fundamental lack of interest in sex; just that the episode is so eager to get to the loopy, “Worf feeds Quark some info about Klingon mating, and Quark keeps digging himself in deeper” angle that it has to use character shortcuts.It’s still wafer thin, but there are some legitimate laughs, and the development of Worf and Dax’s relationship is welcome.The set-up: Grilka arrives on the station with her bodyguard and her maester (or whatever he’s called) in tow, to ask Quark for some help looking over her accounts. Apart from that, little of consequence occurs in “Looking For Par’Mach In All The Wrong Places,” a title as goofily indulgent as the majority of the script.Unless you were really hoping for Quark to get it together and finally screw that Klingon woman we haven’t seen in a few seasons, this isn’t an hour with much weight at all, but given what comes before and after it in the schedule, that might be a good thing; it’s nice to have a light, silly bit of fluff before we get back to the agonies of war.


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