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Some sources also indicate that bayonet charges already were known to be hopeless, and that Beck ought to have known this.The regulations had a procedure for bayonet charges, and this makes the criticism by Beck unreasonable.In the big picture the fight would not mean much - Denmark had already lost the war, and a possible victory would hardly have altered this.

Julius Strandberg wrote a broadside, in which the good commander was praised in a way, so it is difficult to see through that Denmark actually lost.With cheers the company ran forward in half columns.The Prussians with their breech-loading rifles fired 3 salvos (the first at 200 meters' distance), stopping the attack 20 meters in front of the earth dike.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.The Battle of Lundby happened south of Lundby in northeast Himmerland on 3 July 1864 in the Second War of Schleswig.

Dating sider i danmark Stevns

7632 konto 0001007239 Mødested og vejbeskrivelse oplyses ved tilmelding. Hvis du kommer i egen bil har du mulighed for at møde direkte på dykkerstedet. dykkerhygge på stranden, hvor vi tit har kaffe og kage eller grill med. Hvis du ikke har bil, kan vi sætte dig i forbindelse med nogle af de andre deltagere, så I kan køre sammen. Beck was subsequently appointed as Colonel and Commander of the Order of the Dannebrog.Hyggelige dykkerture på fastlagte datoer hvor alle er velkomne. Du kan tilmelde dig til en dykkertur online, ved at skrive til [email protected] ringe på 3064 9000. Thus the Prussians had a bigger firepower, than the number of soldiers points out, and the relative strength is shifted to their advantage.

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Especially old sources point to this difference that incidentally is repeated everywhere in the Second War of Schleswig.The remaining forces had withdrawn north of Limfjorden and were being evacuated from Frederikshavn. Beck decided immediately to move to the south with Fifth Company (160 men) against Ellidshøj.Here he expected to meet one of the commands in night's lodging.But yet different causes come from analysing supplementary causes of the Danish defeat.The Prussians had more modern breech loading rifles that could shoot faster than the Danish muzzle loading rifles.


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