High-power performance of single-mode fiber-optic connectors

Prepare a spreadsheet of all the cables and fibers before you go in the field and print a copy for recording your test data.

You may record all your test data either by hand or if your meter has a memory feature, it will keep test results in on-board memory that can be printed or transferred to a computer when you return to the office. Fiber optic sources, including test equipment, are generally too low in power to cause any eye damage, but it's still advisable to check connectors with a power meter before looking into it.

See the Test section of the FOA Online Guide for much more detail.

After fiber optic cables are installed, spliced and terminated, they must be tested.

High-power performance of single-mode fiber-optic connectors

It comes with predomed zirconia ferrules and is compatible with the C2000 and A2000 adapters.For testing, visual tracers help also identify the next fiber to be tested for loss with the test kit.When connecting cables at patch panels, use the visual tracer to make sure each connection is the correct two fibers!A good example of how it can save time and money is testing fiber on a reel before you pull it to make sure it hasn't been damaged during shipment.Look for visible signs of damage (like cracked or broken reels, kinks in the cable, etc.) .

High-power performance of single-mode fiber-optic connectors

Before you start, get together all your tools and make sure they are all working properly and you and your installers know how to use them.It's hard to get the job done when you have to call the manufacturer from the job site on your cell phone to ask for help.Some telco DWDM and CATV systems have very high power and they could be harmful, so better safe than sorry. Continuity checking with a visual fiber tracer makes certain the fibers are not broken and to trace a path of a fiber from one end to another through many connections, verifying duplex connector polarity for example.It looks like a flashlight or a pen-like instrument with a light bulb or LED source that mates to a fiber optic connector.If you are the network user, you may also be interested in testing transmitter and receiver power, as power is the measurement that tells you whether the system is operating properly.

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Testing is the subject of the majority of industry standards, as there is a need to verify component and system specifications in a consistent manner.Value Statement When you use OFS' enhanced ST2 Single-mode and Multimode Connectors, you'll get what you're looking for : high performance, easy field mounting, and a rugged pull-proof design. Saving you money is an OFS priority - and money saved is money earned.The ST2 connector has been fortified with positive latching to prevent accidental decoupling.Besides, most fiber optic sources are at infrared wavelengths that are invisible to the eye, making them more dangerous.Connector inspection microscopes focus all the light into the eye and can increase the danger.


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