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As mentioned above, we are interested in many aspects of galaxy formation with theoretical work covering simulations of the hierarchical build-up of galaxies in the ΛCDM cosmology (large scale) to detailed numerical studies of Milky Way-like galaxies ("small" scale).

This involves using and developing a variety of numerical codes, to study the physical processes that take place in shaping a galaxy: N-body models, hydrodynamical simulations...

The group is involved in the preparation of the mission and is in charge of various aspects linked to the RVS instrument.

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Additional scientific products include detection and orbital classification of tens of thousands of extra-solar planetary systems, a comprehensive survey of objects ranging from huge numbers of minor bodies in our Solar System, through galaxies in the nearby Universe, to some 500 000 distant quasars.The observational work of the group is mostly linked to massive stellar spectroscopic surveys. Single minden lübbecke The AIP is the coordinating institute of the RAVE survey, a partner in the SDSS-II collaboration for SEGUE and Supernovae and contributes to the preparation of ESA's next astrometric satellite Gaia.It will also provide a number of stringent new tests of general relativity and cosmology.SEGUE, the Sloan Extension for Galactic Underpinnings and Evolution, and Supernovae are two of the extensions of the Sloan survey (SDSS), for which the AIP is a partner.

Online dating Potsdam

SEGUE is complementary to the RAVE survey, both in depth and spatial coverage, providing 100,000 spectra for faint stars around the nothern cap of the Milky Way.ESA's satellite Hipparcos was the first mission to measure the distance for a vast sample of stars in the solar neighborhood (100,000 stars).Gaia will provide unprecedented positional and radial velocity measurements with the accuracies needed to produce a stereoscopic and kinematic census of about one billion stars in our Galaxy and throughout the Local Group. online dating Potsdam-57online dating Potsdam-32 This amounts to about 1 per cent of the Galactic stellar population.The Milky Way is one of the very few resolved galaxies, and the only one for which we have access to the 6D phase-space.

The group puts a particular effort on using simulations to help predict the observable patterns that will help us to solve the puzzle of the Milky Way formation.More information for each survey is provided below.RAVE is an ambitious program to conduct a survey to measure the radial velocities, metallicities and abundance ratios for up to a million stars using the 1.2-m UK Schmidt Telescope of the Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO), over the period 2003 - 2010.Some of our current projects are summarized below: The group is involved in three major spectroscopic surveys of the Milky Way southern hemisphere.The AIP is the coordinating institute of the RAVE survey, and the group is in charge of the data processing, the validation of the data products and the database and www access for the collaboration.


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