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The flight numbers for the bus shuttles are LH348x-LH349x and there are multiple shuttles at different times of the day.

The bus journey lasts around 2 hours and costs EUR 27 one way when booked on its own, and as a part of a connecting flight it usually incurs minimal price hike vs. Another close airport is the (IATA: ZQW) in Rhineland-Palatinate, which can be reached from the main station twice a day by a direct bus #199. During the day it can also be reached by taking a train to Homburg and from there bus R7. As of 2014, Zweibrücken Airport is only used by short-haul holiday charter flights, so the airport is not of much use to travellers except for holidaymakers from the area.

It is one of Europe's shortest flights, lasting just 30 minutes over just 100 kms. Some of the Luxair planes continue from Saarbrücken to Hamburg and Berlin-Tegel and back.

You can connect to selected European destinations of Luxair from Luxembourg, but there are no options to continue your Luxair flight from Saarbrücken via Berlin or Hamburg on another airline.

In more recent decades, Saarbrücken has also developed into a robust hub for software production, employing thousands of local workers.Berlin is also one of the intercontinental hubs for the airline, so you can combining their flight to Saarbrücken with an intercontinental flight.The general rule is that destinations to the west of Saarbrücken are operated cheaper and more conveniently by Luxair, while those the east by airberlin.For those reasons, Saarbrücken, while not popular as a tourist destination, sees a sizeable business-related visitor traffic, and due to its small size and location in a densely-populated area, it also has one of the proportionally largest commuter workforces, measured tens of thousands of workers.(IATA: SCN) is an international airport and is located 15 km to the city center.

Saarbrucken dating

Luxair, although an affiliate of Lufthansa, is not a Star Alliance member and the Luxembourg airport has no intercontinental connections.The other option is the frequent airberlin connection, also to Berlin-Tegel, from where they offer connections all over Europe at much more reasonable prices than Lufthansa.Saarbrücken has been a primarily industrial city since coal extraction started in the first half of the 18th century.The steel industry developed on that base and up to today Saarbrücken has many plants manufacturing various metal products and components.That said, flying to Luxembourg on Luxair or any other airline and travelling the remaning 79 kms by bus is perhaps the cheapest way.

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Lufthansa provides a shuttle between Saarbrücken Dudweiler Bus Station and Frankfurt Airport, which is their largest hub for European and intercontinental flights.One of the possibilities you have is to take the Airport Shuttle Mosel (Regio Linie 750) from the general bus station 500 meters from the airport to Bullay and switch to the regional train to Saarbrücken. There are 5 such trains a day in each direction calling at Saarbrucken, and you can purchase tickets on all of them both from DB and SNCF, as they operate under a mutual ticketing agreement.The journey to Paris is actually shorter (1h50mins) than to Frankfurt (2h30mins).Saarbrücken is the capital city of Saarland, one of the federal states of Germany.At 200 000 inhabitants, it is at the lower end of Germany's long Grossstaedte (large city) list, and is perhaps the least prominent state capital, at least from the tourist's point of view.


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