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Sometimes it is enough just to be a girl." In response to the rise in crime the authorities are also insisting that a senior member of staff from the refugee centre is present in the town centre every Friday and Saturday night to deter migrants from misbehaving.Mr Sloth said: "We are following the situation closely and have a close and continuous dialogue with the police."We want first of all, that it must be safe and secure for all our citizens to travel in Thisted - also in the city's nightlife."Therefore, we will proceed now with additional measures that we hope will contribute to creating a greater understanding, fewer conflicts and thus greater security." One of the key measures will be apparently compulsory sexual awareness courses for new migrants arriving in the town, teaching them what behaviour towards women is unacceptable in Danish culture.

senior date dk login Thisted

Please see details on the rules in Fare and transport regulations. You just during login enter your e-mail address and the password you chose during the setup."We will continue to prioritise it, and there will be a municipal employee from the refugee centre present in the city on Friday and Saturday night. dating sider anmeldelse Albertslund We are sure that it will have a preventive effect."Denmark and Sweden have received huge numbers of migrants from across Europe over the last year, with many seeing the Scandinavian nations as some of the most generous in terms of housing, welfare and job prospects.In Thisted there have been a series of clashes between migrants and locals in the streets after concerned residents stepped in to stop women from being molested and potentially raped.Migrants are reportedly roaming the city's nightlife hotspots after dark and harassing groups of young women, who have told authorities they are becoming too scared to go out.

Senior date dk login Thisted

In my eyes, it is harassment when one or more men continue to touch a young woman after she has said ‘stop’.”The city's Children and Family Director, Lars Sloth, admitted that there is a "cultural problem" in relation to the refugees' attitude towards local women and said local authorities would be pursuing "preventative measures" to crack down on sexual abuse.He told Danish broadcaster TV2: "We recognize that there is a cultural problem, and therefore we will undertake some measures to address the problem.Seed processing equipment is used in separate lines for processing seed to go back into grain production (i.e. Demand for grain and seed is growing, driven by the increasing nutritional needs of a rising population, the need for more animal feed to support the growing demand for meat as well as the demand for crops for the production of biofuels. senior date dk login Thisted-49senior date dk login Thisted-54senior date dk login Thisted-22 However, the supply of arable land is limited so productivity and yield gains through the modernisation of the equipment and facilities used for farming are therefore required.The Company offers both stand-alone equipment as well as custom built processing lines.

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Desperate residents in Thisted are patrolling the streets every night in a bid to deter migrants from sexually harassing young women in bars and clubs.

But the influx has stoked social tensions across Scandinavia, with one Swedish village descending into open warfare after angry locals hit back at migrants responsible for a spate of thefts, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

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