Single bar aalen

RIEGER hygienic single seat valves are used, when a maximum level of productivity, safety and quality is requested.They are found in plants of the dairy industry and the food industry.Pathways and squares form an urban system built with concrete, asphalt and gravel.A light and transparent texture of wooden slats enclose the massive body of the houses.

Single bar aalen

Special Spaces Because of the beautiful view to the city of Aalen the library was expanded with a outdoor reading room, the balcony.Prefabricated wooden post-and-rail construction with a modular grid of 60 cm includes double glazing which provides the thermal isolation.The ventilated cavity between the glass facade and the wooden sunscreen is used as service space.Trees planted along the streets integrate the buildings in the nature.A square surrounded by the library and the different faculties provide an open-air space for recreation after exhausting lectures.

Single bar aalen

It takes 90 seconds to open the shutters and the transparent facade appears.Depending on the position of the louvers the building look like a box of wood or a glass object.Technique Basically the main facade is split into three levels of function.The room-high glass facade covers the long sides of the buildings.From the wide range of MAPAL single and twin-bladed reamers as well as fine boring tools with guide pads and WP or HX blades, through the HPR replaceable head reamers in combination with the MAPAL HFS® clamping system for exact radial run-out accuracy and changeover accuracy, to monoblock reamers made of carbide, cermet or HSS - you have a complete overview of our know-how for the fine machining of bores.

Landscape and architecture Three buildings, covered with wood, are situated on a gentle slope with a beautiful view in Aalen.

Originally the site was an enlargement area of the existing university of applied sciences, a building designed of Günther Behnisch in 1969.

There was an existing urban masterplan with a linear arrangement of the buildings and a central pedestrian zone.

The now realised buildings are the first steps of a small hopeful growing village, a campus of research and education.

Touching the ground Precise shaped objects arranged on linear terraces divided by low walls. Ramps are connecting the different levels of the terraces.


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