Single horn in bb

Bear in mind that a single Bb with only three valves will be missing some low notes that occur with some regularity in low horn parts (2nd and 4th).This will not matter at first, because the beginner starts in the middle register and may not be able to play these notes for a year or so, but will bring forward the need to replace the instrument if he becomes a serious ensemble player.Still smaller, lighter and less expensive than a full double (which is basically two complete horns, sharing a mouthpiece and a bell), though for such a young beginner I'd suspect his teacher will probably go for a single horn. I'd definitely recommend a compensating double just because it's ultimately simpler - i.e.

You can also get a compensating one which has an extra crook you engage to switch it between one and the other.(The extension is to be used instead of the stopping extension. kontaktanzeigen privat Potsdam A further possibility is the B/C-A where the C-valve is operated by a second thumb lever.Many thanks for your replies, I feel better informed. However, there seem to be a number of significantly cheaper mini-French Horns that tend to be in Bb.Our French Horn teacher who will take our son on after Christmas has recommended a French Horn in F but as someone who pays the bills I am tempted by the cheaper option.

Single horn in bb

I think it's by Besson but don't know this for sure. What Firebird says about the tuning of the Bb side of double horn is correct, but a single Bb horn does not need to suffer from the same problem.The reason that most horn players recommend either a single F or a double horn for a beginner is that the F horn naturally makes a characteristic horn sound, while the Bb horn can easily degenerate into a rather strident sound.How can an instrument with only a large throat provide the broadness of tone of the large Kruspe style instruments, yet be so easy to play? Single horn in bb-68Single horn in bb-88Single horn in bb-88 With success the Americus has invaded the very bastion of the large, nickel hornplaying school, providing the player with all the power and aggression demanded but with far superior accuracy.(I had and still have a horn standing in Bb and would frequently have people telling me wrong fingerings for my instrument and look bemused when it sounded wrong until they cottoned on!

)- F is the better side for in-tune hand-stopping (though this is fairly advanced technique and probably not a concern at present)I think a single horn in Bb would probably be a better bet for a beginner compared to a single horn in F; however, a compensator would probably be a better choice as mentioned above.(With the C-valve the single horn in Bb has an even better a" -(sounding d")).The tone of our single Bb-horn can hardly be distinguished from that of a doublehorn.OPTIONS Information about alloys, bell flares and other options. ACCESSOIRIES Cases, mutes, cleaning accesoiries, etc.


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