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Castelli and Karp readily identified with Lichtenstein’s flat, lean approach to painting, which was in stark contrast to the spatial and atmospheric work made by his Abstract Expressionist contemporaries.When the gallery exhibited Lichtenstein’s new paintings in 1962, his work prompted a mixed reaction (Cummings 1969).Lichtenstein first exhibited Discussion Like many Pop artists, Lichtenstein appropriated a wide range of printed sources in his drawings and prints, including comic book captions and graphic designs by other artists.

Single lichtenstein

He later dropped the painterly interference and focused on the drawing.Conceptually, he drew attention to the ways they reflected modern American cultural identity – postwar everyday images presented an ideal way of living and comic book excerpts replicated the glamour and artifice of archetypal American society. kostenloser singletreff Koblenz In 1961 Lichtenstein joined the Leo Castelli Gallery after meeting the renowned gallerist Leo Castelli, and the gallery director, Ivan Karp.In 1977 he began a series of paintings based on works by Surrealist artists, including Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí, and Surrealist works by Picasso.The Museum of Modern Art, New York staged a drawing retrospective in 1987, the first drawings exhibition by a living artist to be held at the museum. In 1988 he began to make the In the late 1950s Roy Lichtenstein made a series of drawings based on iconic Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck.

Single lichtenstein

Despite the mixed public response Lichtenstein’s images reflected a surge of interest by artists, including Robert Rauschenburg, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol, in the messages and products of mass communication. Behind the glassy veneer of the car window the fashionable gender roles of the time are set in contrast – the glamorous yet submissive blonde woman is swept away by the handsome, yet devious, dark-haired man – reinforcing the cultural divide between them.Two version of this painting were produced, the second, larger version of which is now in the National Galleries of Scotland’s collection.Guggenheim Museum, curated by Lawrence Alloway alongside artists such as Andy Warhol, Jim Dine and Jasper Johns.In 1966 Lichtenstein was one of five artists selected to represent the USA at the Venice Biennale and had his first solo exhibition at Cleveland Museum of Art. He had a retrospective exhibition in New York at the Guggenheim Museum in 1969, which included paintings and sculptures.Lichtenstein later concentrated on more banal and anonymous sources such as small advertisements in newspapers, illustrated items in mail order catalogues, or romance and war comic book images, which he scaled up into large format oil paintings.

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Aesthetically, Lichtenstein admired the strong silhouettes and flattened designs of advertisements and comic books in the way the Cubists admired African art fifty years earlier.In 1940 he attended painting classes at the Art Students League in New York, and enrolled as an undergraduate student at Ohio State University (OSU) in the College of Education.Lichtenstein was inducted into military service in 1943 and while in service, he travelled to London and Paris where he saw works by artists such as Paul Cézanne and Toulouse-Lautrec.Roy Fox Lichtenstein was born in New York City, USA in 1923 to Jewish German immigrants.As a child he showed an early interest in art, science and music, and in 1936 he enrolled at Franklin School for Boys, New York.


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